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Our Research Chemical Catalog currently lists over 5,000 fluorochemicals. SynQuest has maintained its focus on fluorine chemistry and extended its range of reagents with new materials requested by our customers and conceived from our internal R&D programs. We have implemented cost savings by careful sourcing of raw materials and by scaling up processes for better economy of scale - our efforts have resulted in significant price reductions for many products! If you have specific needs or requirements, we are happy to evaluate production or sourcing for you. Just inquire.

SynQuest is committed to Quality. Established products available from SynQuest have an internal purity specification as shown in our product listings and are tested in our analytical labs to verify conformance. Call if our product purity specification does not meet your requirements - often we have stock that will meet higher purity specifications.

Aside from searching our online catalog, you can request an electronic version of our catalog.

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