Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

At SynQuest, we recognize the need to be able to support your R&D projects from conception to full-scale commercial production.  If your requirements exceed lab scale quantities, give us a call.  SynQuest has systems in place to make sure you receive rapid and competitive quotes. Many bulk items can be shipped directly from stock at SynQuest, or from warehouses within the Central Glass Group.  When production is required, we will point our unparalleled chemical expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at your project, providing quality products, superior service and timely shipments.

Our acquisition in 2002 by Central Glass International has improved SynQuest's ability to offer in-house scale-up of products to commercial level.  Central Glass has over 70 years history of commercial production of a wide range of fluorochemical products. Together, we can efficiently support each other, providing a product range with seamless transition from research quantities to full scale plant products.

If you are interested in quantities greater than five times the largest listed catalog pack size, please make a bulk inquiry.


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